Models F2301, F23C1, F23S1

Tension/compression load cell

With thin-film technology up to 100 kN

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  • Hoists, cranes
  • Screw down forces in machinery
  • Process automation
  • Mechanical engineering and machinery

Special features

  • Stainless steel
  • Integrated amplifier
  • Small temperature drift
  • High long-term stability, high shock and vibration resistance
  • Good repeatability, easy to install


Load cells with welded-in thin-film sensors are designed for the measurement of static and dynamic pull and/or push forces in various applications.

Load cells are suitable for tough operating requirements and harsh environmental conditions.

They are maintenance-free and can also be mounted in hard-to-reach locations.

Due to their small dimensions, operation in very small mounting spaces is also possible. Because of the variety of output signals, these load cells can be used in many application areas.

Tension/compression load cell
  • Tension/compression load cell
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